How does CaribShopper work?

CaribShopper is an online platform for shoppers, which facilitates shopping on premium U.S. Retailers from wherever you are in the Caribbean.

We are affiliated with over 100+ varied retailers throughout the USA, such as Wal-Mart, Macy's, Apple, Zappos and many more. Once you have signed up and become a CaribShopper member, you will have complete access to shop direct with all our partnering stores.

It is a fairly simple process. To begin shopping, using the Google Chrome Browser, install the CaribShopper extension, or from your smart phone or tablet install the CaribShopper App for iOS and Android devices.

From our list of stores, select your favorite store and add items to your shopping cart. Most importantly to remember is to checkout using the CaribShopper Checkout button. Once you have finished shopping, review your cart and then press checkout.

CaribShopper's Smart Cart Technology will automatically redirect the items in your cart to the CaribShopper checkout cart where all your items from your favorite store’s cart will now be visible in your CaribShopper checkout cart. Make sure you review the order to ensure it is correct then choose your method of delivery whether at a designated pickup location or have it delivered directly to your front door. Select your payment method whether your locally issued debit/credit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo, PayPal Account, or your CaribShopper WebCard account. That’s it! You’re done! We handle all the shipping process and Customs clearing for you.